The year is 2075. The world has changed from what you know and love. Technology has advanced. The lines between man and machine are being crossed and blurred more and more on a daily basis. You can now think at your phone…with a little help. Magic has reawakened into the world. Yes, REawakened. It has always been here, just as a shadow of it’s former self. Along with the return of magic, so has come additional varieties of humans. Referred to as metahumans, we now have bigger differences than the color of your skin. Now it is common to see elves, dwarves, orks, trolls, and all sorts of other “mythical” creatures walking the streets along side humans. Racism now has new creative things to fight over!

The great dragon Dunkelzahn tells us that this is the sixth world, and that magic ebbs and flows in peaks and valleys through time, marking each “world.” Oh, yes, there are dragons too. Do yourself a favor and don’t make deals with them…

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